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About CinemaVirtuel

Susan Kay Moses is the founder and owner of Cinema Virtuel, working in partnership with indie filmmakers & directors on the development, financing, co-production, and marketing of films and alternative media for domestic and international markets.



Producer Fractured with writer/director Lance Kawas starring Eric Roberts and Jake Busey

Executive Producer Tabriz: Images From A Forgotten World by internationally acclaimed Iranian director, Mohammad Ehsani 

Producer Holding Back writer/director Fernando Palacio

Producer Project Solitude-Buried Alive, a $1million psychological thriller, starring Eric Roberts, Rustam Branaman director 


Executive Producer Mosaic, an edgey cop thriller Starring Daniel Baldwin, Marco Cabriolu director (POST PRODUCTION) 

Producer Killing Bob, set to film in Sardinia spring 2012 starring Daniel Balwin, Stacy Stas and being directed by Marco Cabriolu

Producer/Writer The Last Passage, set to film in May 2012. This dramatic thriller takes a step beyond the usual, entering the deepest aspects of a young mother's broken mind.  

Producer Soulmates, set to film in April 2012. In this quirky Ghost meets Sleepless In Seattle out-of-the-box
love story nothing seems impossible under the most improbable circumstances.


Producer Perfect Blonde, a steamy, thriller based on Wall Street financial manipulations and double-crosses. Written by Oscar winning screenwriter, Pam Wallace, Blonde promises intrigue, screen sizzling romance, unexpected twists and a shocker ending. MORE ...

Producer Deadly Package, is not a typical martial arts film, not the usual suspects and not a predictable ending.Written by Martial Arts Champion, Actor/Director, Tommy Bull, Deadly is packed withA Mob boss, a crime syndicate, chemical weapons trading and human trafficking lead, martial arts instructor, Cody Marshall, into the fight of his life but NO ONE can escape the DEADLY PACKAGE ! MORE ...

Producer The Violinist, a $4million character driven family drama embracing the paradox encompassing the Jewish and Arab cultures, written by director Lance Kawas

Producer Phoenix, a $2million action-caper starring Victor Alfieri, with director Howard Himelstein, MORE ...

Producer Re-Cycled Teabags, a $7million musical drama/comedy Written/Directed by Raymond Austin based on an original screenplay by Darleen Peterson MORE ...

Producer Scriptures From The Light, a $4million faith based drama written/directed by Lance Kawas


Performers And Writers Society (“PAWS”)ONGOING – Performers and Writers are invited to attend FREE Workshops at which writers will present up to (5) script pages for cold readings by Actors – the scenes and pages will critiqued by the participants. To receive time/dates for the workshops please visit and sign up:  MORE ...

The Monologue, Improv, Audition (“MIA”) Classes - THURSDAY 6:30 – 8pm
MIA reinforces film acting techniques designed to give the actor important tools for WINNING the audition.
There is currently a waiting list for this class:


She began her career developing projects with HBO, Time Life Films, Orion Television, Columbia Television, and Lorimar. As President/CFO of Star World Productions (Public) her company co-produced and distributed a slate of $2million classics including: Vultures in Paradise, Treasures of the Amazon, To Kill A Stranger. She subsequently independently produced the cult horror classic feature, Midnight Cabaret with Lorimar/TimeWarner.  Her indie short films including; Possibility, Producer-short; Inside Job, Executive Producer-short; Prelude, Executive Producer-short; Parties Gone Bad, Executive Producer–short;  

Voyeur Sentinel-Director-short; I Just Forgot, Executive Producer-short; Bad Habits, Executive Producer-short; LaLaLand, Exec. Producer-short; A Woman's Woman, Writer/Director-short; and Janet Mark, Associate Producer-short.  

In 2001 she co-founded the Colorado Actors and Screenwriters Assembly (CASA), currently a 1600+-person organization and a leader in entertainment in the Rocky Mountain state. Susan also privately coached talent, and was on the teaching staff at the University of Colorado-Denver, jointly sponsored CFVI Studios Film School. Susan is also a co-founding partner of Audition For Hollywood, LLC, GuerillaFlics and A4H Films & Distribution. The A4H integrated online companies currently reach talent and industry members in over 151 countries by providing virtual access to core entertainment information and content. Launched in 2003, the company has distinguished itself as a matching services technology within the entertainment industry.

She has participated numerous film festivals, international markets & conferences: MARKETS: Cannes, AFM, Berlin, Sundance and Toronto. CONFERENCES & FESTIVALS: Rocky Mtn. VidExpo, Denver, CO – Seminar presenter; Moondance Film Festival, Boulder, CO – Seminar presenter & staged screenplay reading director; Boulder24 Hour Shoot Out, Boulder, CO – Short film Director; Queens International Film Festival, Queens, NY – Judge & Presenter; New York Indie Film & Video Festival, Los Angeles 2004 – Panelist; New York Indie Film & Video Festival, Las Vegas 2005 – Panelist; Westwood International Film Festival, Westwood, CA – Industry participant; SoCal International Film Festival, Huntington Beach, CA – Seminar presenter; ARPA International Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA – Award presenter; New York International Film Festival, New York, NY – Industry Specialist/Panelist.


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